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#30 Blue Field of Flowers


This piece is 5 yards by 49 inches. It is a lightweight chintz cotton. The chintz means it has a nice finish that gives it a crisp hand—ideal for a “slim line” or “A-line” dress or skirt. This particular floral looks good on mature figures. Enough fabric here for 2 custom made garments.

These fabrics are remnants, meaning they are pieces that are already cut from the bolt, so supplies are limited. We do not sell these fabrics separately. You must order a custom garment that we will use this fabric on.

Add this to your shopping cart along with the custom order of your choice. All our Shop Fabrics are washable unless otherwise stated.

In stock

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Please Note: If you add one of these fabrics to your cart and complete your purchase without buying a custom garment, it will not be shipped to you. We will issue a refund for the price of your purchase minus the fees our credit card processing company charges us, both for processing the purchase and the refund.

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