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09 – Christmas Program – God’s Wall


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God’s Wall – Download

Series 7, Volume 1a

Song List:

  • Melody Bells – “Joy To The World”
  • Ladies – “It Was A Holy Night”
  • Choir – “Hark The Herald Angels Sing”
  • Men – “O Come All Ye Faithful”
  • Choir – “I Saw The Christmas Light” view demo
  • String Choir – “Angels We Have Heard On High”, or
  • Harmonicas – “Away In a Manger”
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In this package, you will find a Christmas Program! You can use the “radio theatre” style of drama to pull off a monologue, which is “a long speech performed by one actor in a play or movie”. The monologue has a prologue that can be read by someone other than your main actor, and it also has a small piece of music that can be used as a “scene setter”.

The package contains:

  • All of the music for the program
  • A “prologue“, meaning a separate introductory section of a literary or musical work
  • A 3 – scene monologue script
  • 2 options for the children’s verse recitation, including suggested hand motions while reciting

This Christmas Program is small enough in its demands that a small group can perform it, yet be pleased with big results. Cox Sisters Products delivers arrangements that are bright, beautiful, and vigorous, helping to take the service forward, while uplifting the ministers of music and drama. We hope that this volume will help you in your effort to praise the Lord in song and make your holiday special.

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