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About the Cox Sisters

This is the online store of Julie and Charity Cox (pictured left).
I, Julie, (on the right) developed this business to have an outlet for our family’s music and my sewing.

Our Music reflects our family ministry in many churches over many years. Whether in Evangelism or Pastoring, our father, Elmer Cox, has always placed a special emphasis on church music. Our mother, Anita Cox, is a terrific church pianist, arranging her own piano solos, as well as arranging music to fit whatever talent we had at the churches where we ministered. She enjoys producing a program using individuals with little or no previous training or talent.

Because our family has often served in small churches, we have had many opportunities to develop music for small struggling groups. Our Music Books reflect that experience, and they are needed more than ever as many churches grapple with shrinking numbers.

My sister and I were trained in church music by our parents and inherited their musical abilities. We performed special music for our father’s Evangelistic meetings for a good 5-year period. We sang, played piano, violin, and accordion.

You will find our Music CDs reflecting our specials from those days. Charity Cox inherited our mother’s skill at the piano and composing and arranging sacred music. She became adept at using the accordion for accompaniment when there wasn’t a piano available. As a result, many people have given her accordions to use in our ministry.

My sewing business has been the outgrowth of a useful hobby. It isn’t easy to find modest, feminine attire. I took over the sewing for Mom when I was 12 years old, and I loved it. I have been making most of our wardrobe ever since. My Grandma Cooper taught me the art of sewing with fabric remnants. I enjoy taking scraps and making beautiful things.

This skill has enabled me to sew nice wardrobes for the ladies in my family, while living on a shoestring budget. I also love helping other mothers clothe their girls in culottes, skirts and dresses! My nightgowns are very popular and have met needs for special sized women as well.

My parents have told us many times how much they respect those who learn to create something out of nothing. It was Mom’s idea to turn my sewing skills into a business. I hope you enjoy our website and find things that will make your life better.

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